Commercial Photography

Akemi is an award-winning photographer with an abundance of creative energy and meticulous attention to detail. She feels that commercial photography should have the same artistic approach as fine art and conceptual personal work and requires collaboration from the client. This philosophy combined with strong technical knowledge produces images with strong visual communication and emotional appeal.

Akemi works hard at understanding what you require to get your message across clearly and with style. She delivers high-quality images that leap off the page. She will help you navigate your marketing needs while meeting your timelines and budget. She ensures her clients and models are in a relaxed yet energized environment, and never forgets creativity or the orchestration of the scene.



Although Akemi’s specialty is in commercial photography, she also believes in preserving family history and is honored to share special times with families and couples through portrait sessions or weddings. Connecting with people is her favourite part of being a photographer. With decades of experience, she knows how to capture memorable moments richly and creatively. Her job is to make an unforgettable impression!


Personal Projects

Everything can inspire art. But exploration and sharing are what fuels Akemi’s love of it. Through her ongoing collection of infrared photography, Akemi has created a series of limited edition, fine-art prints, which she fondly describes as self-directed exploration. She loves that people feel a connection to it. Several of the images have been accepted into photographic exhibitions, and she looks forward to expanding the series. In addition to this main series, she also has work that highlights subjects of nature. Akemi always keeps an inquisitive eye on the world, hoping to find something wonderful to share with an audience.